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Hot Forging

We have more than a decades of experience in hot forging technology. During this period, we have upgraded our technology to work with a variety of raw materials, parts of varying sizes and complexities and modern processes and automation.

Cold Forging

Faqir Forge has been manufacturing warm and cold forged components over a decade. The primary advantage of cold forging is the material saving achieved through precise shape, which requires little finishing with no shrinkage and scaling.


Faqir Forge offers in-house machining facilities for various product lines which enable products to be supplied either in the pre-machined or completely-machined condition, ready for installation with exceptional quality.

Best or Nothing

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading closed die steel forging unit in Kundli.

Market Sectors


Faqir Forge’s major customers are in the automotive industry. As a reliable partner to automotive OEMs and full system suppliers, we offers expertise for products in engines, chassis, transmission, driveline, steering and suspension units in two wheelers, passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


Faqir Forge’s core competence, as a product and sub-assembly partner for rail vehicle industry, is the design, development and production of safety critical parts for transmission and braking systems for all types of rail vehicles. At Faqir Forge, environmental sustainability lies at the heart of our design philosophy.

Power & Energy

We are worldwide provider of forged and machined components for electrical generators and power generation systems used for standby power, distributed power generation and auxiliary power in mobile applications to meet the needs of a diversified customer base.


In the agricultural sector, we fulfill the automotive power needs of our customers who are essentially farmers. We aim to empower the rural farmer and transform rural productivity, income and living standards. Our products are making farms more prosperous.

We are one of the most trusted brand when it comes to good quality forging products.