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New Technology

At Faqir Forge, We try to utilize and incorporate the latest technologies and machinery to ensure higher quality output and that too while keeping an eco-friendly ecosystem at our forging unit.

High Grade Tools

Best quality products can only be delivered with best quality manufacturing machines. At Faqir Forge we use all the latest machines from reputed brands to maximize the quality of the actual product.

Environment Friendly

Our forging units are equipped with plants and grass. It is our moral duty to make our environment pollution free. Plants and grass maintains a healthy nature and environment at our forging unit.

Pollution Free

We care of our environment and make sure that non of the waste gets disposed directly to the environment. We deliver our waste to various vendors for proper recycling and disposal.

About Faqir Forge

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading forging unit in Kundli. Having ISO 9001: 2009 Quality Management Certificate. Backed with state of the art die and tool designing, finishing and material inspection section.

Our unit is equipped with latest machinery and technology for higher quality production:

Cold Forging:
i) Hydraulic presses
ii) Knuckle Joint Presses

Hot Forging:
i) Friction Screw Presses
ii) Induction Biller Heaters
iii) Power Presses
iv) CNC
v) Normalizing and annealing unit

And other supporting machinery with material checking unit.

Hot Forging

Faqir Forge has more than a decade of experience in hot forging technology. During this period, we have upgraded our technology to work with a variety of raw materials, parts of varying sizes and complexities and modern processes and automation.

Cold Forging

Faqir Forge has been manufacturing warm and cold forged components over a decade. The primary advantage of cold forging is the material saving achieved through precise shape, which requires little finishing with no shrinkage and scaling. We can thus achieve better control on the process and quality of products.


Faqir offers in-house machining facilities for various product lines which enable products to be supplied either in the pre-machined or completely-machined condition, ready for installation with exceptional quality. With our technologically advanced CNCs/VMCs/HMCs and SPMs, our unabated emphasis on quality and on-time delivery allows us to meet stringent customer demands.